Liam Broderick, GTI SW Regional Co-ordinator

Tel: 01637 852044 Mob: 07855 734984


About us:

Cornwall Tae Kwon-Do was established in 1974 and provides traditional ITF-style Tae Kwon-Do training suitable for the entire family, in a safe and friendly training environment.

All our instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked.

Junior group photo at GTI Cornish Championships

What is Tae Kwon-Do?

Tae Kwon-Do is a Korean martial art that is world famous for its impressive array of kicking techniques. Translated from Korean;

TAE means to jump, kick or smash with the foot;

KWON means to punch or destroy with the first and;

DO is the Art, way or method of achieving this

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Our latest qualified Instructors recieving their Instructor Certificates, March 2012

My First Lesson

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? You will need loose clothing such as T-shirts and jogging bottoms and we train in bare feet.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING WITH ME? You should bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PAY? You will not need to pay for your first month of training.

IS THERE ANYTHING TO SIGN? You will need to sign a GTI licence form for insurance purposes (parents/guardians to sign for under-18s).

WHAT WILL I DO IN MY FIRST LESSON? This will vary. Tae Kwon-Do is a mix of kicks, blocks and punches. There are set sparring routines and free sparring. There are set sequences known as patterns and we also practice streetwise self-defence. We learn by copying and repetition and there are plenty of Black Belts on hand to assist you.

Black Belt Group Photo
GTI Logo

Global Tae Kwon-Do International (G.T.I.)

Cornwall Tae Kwon-Do schools are members of the GTI, which was established in 1993 as a truly democratic and open Tae Kwon-Do organisation. As part of the GTI we are provided with....

Coloured Belt Gradings under qualified GTI Grading Examiners every 3 months
Black Belt Gradings under a panel of national experts and Masters every 6 months
At least two National and two Regional Competitions per year
Regular Seminars and Courses under Tae Kwon-Do experts and Masters
Public Liability Insurance and Student to Student Insurance


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