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Before we get into Truro Taekwondo and describe the different sections of this website, we’ll briefly introduce ourselves.

We’re a team of 5 who have set up this website to highlight our love and dedication for this sport.

We are aware that taekwondo is represented on thousands of other domains across the internet, but we wanted to add our two cents as we’re huge fans as well as practitioners.

Despite all participating, we have vastly different skill levels – so being a beginner shouldn’t put you off from continuing to read. In fact, it may just open a few doors in your life which you never even knew existed!

Onto the actual content of Truro Taekwondo then, and we’ve attempted to make it as detailed as possible to give everyone a thorough overview. Beginning with taekwondo’s history, we delve all the way back to a few thousand years ago, when this fascinating martial art was first invented. We detail how it has changed dramatically over the subsequent years, before becoming the most popular sport of its kind in the 21st Century.

For any newbies to the taekwondo scene, we have dedicated a webpage to some of the most popular techniques that competitors use as the framework for their disciplines. We give a few examples of both upper and lower body contact, as, after all, this is an art that requires the use of all sorts of body movements. However, we also suggest to conduct additional research on top of these moves, as each person’s library of techniques differs depending on preference.

Since taekwondo was standardised in the middle of the 20th Century, many aspired to have it included as part of the famed Olympic Games. It took a while, but many were absolutely delighted when in 1988 taekwondo was included as a demonstration sport, rather aptly in the city of Seoul, South Korea. The birthplace of the martial art was the fitting place for the Olympic World to see taekwondo in all its glory, and it wasn’t long before it was fully recognised by the IOC as a medal sport.


Finally, to conclude Truro Taekwondo, we thought it was appropriate to name some of the most famous names who are involved with the sport. Ranging from pioneers to famous martial artists who have taekwondo in their background, our practitioners webpages are some of the most interesting if you crave more information about some of the legends in the scene. Again, this list is not exhaustive and is merely a starting point for you to go forth for additional information.


It has been an absolute pleasure for us all to have created Truro Taekwondo, and we sincerely hope that it proves useful to you during your stay. Good luck, and we hope to see in you the ring soon!