Taekwondo Techniques


As taekwondo has been formed over a period of thousands of years, you can imagine there are plenty of different techniques to get a hang of when you begin to learn. It is one of the most exciting and fulfilling martial arts you can do, with so much history behind it just to make it that extra bit special.


As the sport has been tangled with and changed by many different influences over the years, you can understand and see a decent amount of culture coming from all kinds of techniques. We’re here to tell you about the most common ones, but we also don’t consider this to be the definitive article.


We highly recommend that you conduct your own research on top of what’s here for even more in-depth knowledge.

Cut Kick

One of the most used and effective opening offensives in the art today, the cut kick is the go-to offence when things aren’t going smoothly. You can maintain safe distance away from your opponent while delivering a decent blow to land some serious points.


You will also interrupt their centre of gravity for even further benefits, with many opportunities following up the cut kick if it goes perfectly. Please always practise your moves thoroughly to perfect your technique, as taekwondo relies on many hours of input if you are to be successful.

Aerial Side Kick to Back Kick

A bit more on the difficult side now, as the aerial side kick to back kick involves you flying through the air conducting a multi-functional technique.

It can be used to either to defend yourself in multi-kick form or you can use it drive your opponent backwards as you go in search of landing points.

There are many different variations to this useful attack, so we recommend practising thoroughly to achieve optimum skill level.


Cover Punch

Another multifunctional taekwondo technique is up next, and this time we’re focussing on the upper body rather than the lower body. It also happens to be one of the top hand moves in the arsenal, so you need to ensure that you know it inside out before heading to any competitions.


It’s quick, direct and available at almost any time, with the punch being usable in both attack and defensive scenarios. You can generally follow it up with another move straight after it you manage to connect with it properly.

Turning Side Kick

The final taekwondo technique to hit our list is the Turning Side Kick (also known as Spinning Back Kick), another powerful weapon in your arsenal that can help turn a duel in your favour. There is even the possibility of knocking your opponent down if your kick lands particularly well, all from a standing position.


The potency of this move has seen it be used as somewhat of a trademark move by leading taekwondo artists.